How to take care about puppies?

Helpful hints and tips for your new addition.

Living Space

The first thing that needs to be thought of when bringing a puppy into the home is what kind of living space the puppy will have. Until the puppy gets used to climbing up and down stairs safely a stair gate needs to be purchased if the house is open plan and if there are stairs however it is up to an individual if the puppy is allowed upstairs or not and the opinions of dog owners on this topic are very much divided. A puppy bed is also a good idea as it helps the puppy to know where it needs to go each night.


If the puppy is to be left alone in the day it is important that he or she has things to entertain themselves with, otherwise if there is furniture in the room this could be chewed upon. There are plenty of deterrents around that you can buy to stop the puppy chewing however depending on the type of lifestyle lived this may mean that a holiday in someone else’s property might be off the cards if the puppy only gets deterred from chewing things instead of knowing that it can’t chew things.

Food and Drink

It is entirely up to the puppy owner to choose the food that is suitable for their particular type of puppy. There are so many brands of food around and often each brand is aimed at a different breed of puppy. The portion sizes will also vary depending on the size and the age of the dog and there needs to be two separate bowls which the dog can access within its usual living area, one bowl for water and the other bowl for food.


Treats like chew sticks are good for puppies to help keep their teeth clean and healthy and possibly to stop them chewing on things that they shouldn’t.

Toilet Training

There are many different views on toilet training a puppy and much of it will depend on how old the puppy is when it first comes into its new home.