Best food for fluffy dogs

As humans we spend a lot of time on our hair. There are literally hundreds of products and nutrients we use to keep it look sleek, shiny and healthy. This is the same for fluffy dogs. Their coats need a high level of maintenance to keep them in good condition and this can be done through a carefully tailored diet.

Omega the fatty acid

Dogs need a healthy and nutritious diet to keep their skin and coats in tip top condition. Lack of fatty acids can lead to flaky skin and a dull coat. So how to avoid this? Well Omega-6 is the key. Full of fatty acid, Omega-6 will add shine to the coat and replenish the natural oils in the dog’s skin. It is not hard to find as most standard dog food actually comes fully loaded with it. If you feel like the pooches are not getting enough, then simply adding a teaspoon of sunflower oil per meal can do wonders.

Omega-3 is another fat that helps dogs particularly those with a skin disorder. Fish oil contains large amounts and can be obtained in specially formulated doggy supplements. Beware not to overload your fluffy puppy with too much fatty acid though, too much can upset their stomach and you’ll simple have a different problem on your hands.

Other supplements

Most vets will not recommend giving too many supplements to your dog. Feeding them a well-rounded diet should be enough added to that some good coat grooming and care. Checking the ingredients on the dog food you buy is always important and if you feel there are some areas lacking then adding a sweet potato to their dinner or some natural peanut butter to the inside of a Kong toy will help provide them with some more fatty acids adding to that much-desired lustrous shine.