About this blog

Who doesn’t love dogs? Big, small, scruffy and fluffy, they are all totally adorable. However, this blog is dedicated in particular to all pups fluffy and the fluffier they are the better. With cute photos, info on the fluffiest pup, diet, health and how to care for your fluff ball we have all of that and more. Make this the fluffiest website you visit today!

Who is the fluffiest of them all?

A long reigning argument over the fluffiest pup is quickly put to rest here. From the giant polar bear that is the Samoyed to the tiny cute fluffy cloud look that is the Bichon Frise; we discuss all the fluffiest dogs we can find. Full of photos and fun facts, we welcome your input too. And if you have a fluffy puppy why not send us a photo so we can feature them on the site too – the fluffier the better.

Keeping your puppy looking good

It is all well and good having a fluffy dog but we know what it takes to maintain that look. We cover diet and nutrition that is needed to keep that coat healthy and shiny but also some how to tips on getting rid of that pesky dog hair that seems to manage to get everywhere. Complete this with some helpful grooming tips including which brushes are best suited to your pup’s coat (long fluffy and curly fluff are different!), we aim to help you and your puppy have the best fluffy filled life possible.

Join us here for a daily dose of fluff. If you have any anecdotes or tips of your own don’t hesitate to message us or even simply if you need some help with a fluff related problem. Our message boards are always open building a community of fluff pup lovers the world over.